We remind you that training professionally means conducting your ranges with all needed safety measurements.  ADL's smart targets will help you improve your skills and will never get in your way, but you're the one who has to make sure safety's first and perfect.

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Collect. Asses. Recommend. Perfect

ADL Training Solutions offers innovative shooter training enhancement solutions.

Founded by lsraeli special forces veterans, with extensive field and training experience, and backed by a strong American  partner and in-depth software systems development background, ADL has the exact mix required to perfect and supersede existing shooter training solutions.


Introducing, onTarget, a three-tier IOT-driven shooter training solution.


  1. Tier 1, the physical layer - a line of IOT-driven electronic targets with advanced impact sensors that produce accurate real-time impact data.

  2. Tier 2, the application layer - a dedicated, feature-packed application which displays  impacts with exact deviation recommendations at shooter location.

  3. Tier 3, the support layer  - ties everything together to give you a simple, durable and affordable solution for all your shooter training needs.