Our best-in-class e-targets are designed with highly-accurate impact sensors and an antenna, all encased in a protective unit made of AR500 steel to shield them from impact. 


eTarget 16

Suitable for any caliber or distance, this durable yet portable target comes with a warranty for up to 10,000 rounds, and potentially more, depending on the plate thickness. It comes with onTarget’s expert dedicated application as part of a pack, allowing the shooter to track, store, analyze and perfect their shooting skill.

eShot16 details.JPG

eTarget 64

Commonly used in hostage simulation scenarios, these electronic targets share the same features as the bullseye targets, with the added difficulty level presented by the hostage scenario. This hones the shooter's marksmanship, so that they hit perpetrators rather than hostages caught up in hostile situations.

eshot 64.png
eShot64 details.JPG

eTarget T1

Used mostly by the military as fixed range targets, these large-scale electronic targets share the same features as the bullseye targets, reducing the need for frequent target replacement and shortening training cycles. The targets are divided into zones (A, B, C) which are reflected in the application.

eshot t1.png
eShotT1 details.JPG