IoT Platform  

onTraining's expert IoT Training platform stores, assesses, recommends & perfects the user's training program.  The platform has mobile and desktop versions, meeting all engagement needs.

The onTraining  platform provides 3 layers of data-driven approaches,  helping commanders to boost skills and performance:

Physical Layer

The physical layer is a line of IoT-driven electronic targets with advanced impact sensors that produce accurate real-time impact data

Application Layer

The application layer consists of a dedicated, feature-packed app which displays the collected information and provides precise recommendations for the trainee. The mobile app offers real-time, highly-accurate data for the user. 

eTarget App


onTraining Mobile Application
app 2.png
B Data.png
A Trianing.png
C recommendation.png
Stress evaluation drills, sight adjustments (zero), navigation, complex drills.
Secure data - storing trainees' valuable data without wasting time.
Analysis of the data and recommendations for the user.

Portal Layer

An essential pre- and post-training aid for any commander, the onTraining portal offers a range of control features to facilitate short yet highly-effective training cycles. 

onTarget Portal


ADL has developed a database layer which collects the data, ties it all together and provides analytics, insights and aordable solutions to all your training needs.

onTraining Portal Application