We remind you that training professionally means conducting your ranges with all needed safety measurements.  ADL's smart targets will help you improve your skills and will never get in your way, but you're the one who has to make sure safety's first and perfect.


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Pop-up Target Lifter

Portable Yet Durable Target Lifter

  • Hit/no hit indication

  • Light-weight and portable

  • Flexible - malleable material allows shaping and designing per request

  • Durable - up to 1000 hits per 0.25 sq. meter target

  • Safe and easy operation

  • Handheld feedback controller allows full remote operation:

  • Selectable hit detection

  • Automatically timed or manual restart

  • Vibration or visual response upon hit detection

  • Automatic or timed 900 swivel

Optimal field training target. Light-weight and easily controlled it can swivel or pop-up, just the way you want it !